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Recyclopedia: Tyvek ® envelopes

Tyvek ® envelopes

For Small Quantities (less than 25 envelopes/month) Turn any Tyvek ® envelope inside out, so the unprinted white surface shows on the outside. Stuff the inside-out Tyvek ® envelope with other used Tyvek ® envelopes for recycling. Address and mail the envelope to : Terry Fife, Tyvek ® Recycling Specialist 5401 Jefferson Davis Highway Spot 197 - Room 231 Richmond, VA 23234 For larger quantities, please call 1-866-33-Tyvek® to ask about their pouch program for recycling Tyvek ® envelopes

Disposal Options:

DuPont Tyvek Corporation
Tyvek Envelopes

(866) 338-9835