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What is it?

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange was developed by the City of Newton Department of Public Works to reduce the amount of waste going into our trash barrels.

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange is a webservice which provides residents with a convenient way to sell, trade or give away used or surplus items that would otherwise be disposed of.

You can post listings of items and materials you wish to dispose of or browse for those currently available in your area. Each listing contains a description of the material or item, contact information, and in some cases cost and delivery information. The actual exchange transactions are carried out directly between the interested parties.

Keep in mind, since there is a 4-month limit to the length of time a material listing can be posted, it pays to visit the site often. Thank you and please tell a friend.

Who can use it?

The intent of the site is to allow people to easily exchange materials that might otherwise be disposed of, not for retail products or services, or for-profit use.

All residents of the City of Newton, MA are encouraged to use the site.

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange is designed to assist residents and businesses in Newton sell, give away or exchange items they no longer need or want. To be eligible to post items, you must live or work in Newton. Anyone, regardless of where you live, may respond to a post. You do not have to live in Newton. Listings are posted for free.

How does it work?

Making an exchange is quick and easy. Listings are posted free of charge.

Browse listings
Find desired materials by individual or multiple categories.

Make an exchange
When you find an interesting posting, just enter your name, email address and postal code. You'll be given instant access to contact information. Make contact, come to an agreement and arrange for pickup or delivery.

Post your own listings
If you live or work in Newton, you may post items on the City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange for others to view. Registering is simple. Click on Create Account and enter your contact information. You will be emailed a username and password, and can then post items to the site.

New items
To receive email notification when new items in your category(s) of interest are posted, please contact the Site Administrator.

What are the rules?

No illegal materials.

No hazardous materials.

Also prohibited are listings for live animals, products whose use is illegal in Massachusetts, sexually explicit materials or materials that contain hate/threatening language, or products that are toxic or hazardous, such as chemicals or weapons.

Buyer beware. The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange (NRME) provides listing services only. We take no responsibility for transactions or quality of goods received.

Goods should be inspected fully before acceptance.

Information provided through the exchange is supplied by the listing party. Neither the 2Good2Waste.org exchange, the City of Newton, their contractors, nor any advisor, agent, or employee thereof is liable for any information, error, or representation, or makes any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information regarding materials, services or products/equipment offered through the 2Good2Waste.org exchange.

The site may be used by businesses that have used surplus materials.

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange is not intended as a commercial venue.

Companies and individuals with specifically unique and interesting items are welcome to post this item to the community.

It is the sellers responsibility to get adequate assurances that payment terms, if any, will be completed as agreed.

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange and its sponsors take no responsibility for transactions or quality of goods received.

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange is not responsible for the determination of what may constitute a hazardous substance or create a hazardous situation.

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange reserves the right to not list a material, to remove a listing or to edit information provided by the listing party without liability and without notification to the listing agent.

The City of Newton Reusable Materials Exchange exists as an informational forum to foster the lawful exchange, reuse and recycling of materials.

It is the responsibility of individual users to be familiar with any legal limitations that may exist on the exchange of any listed materials.